Electronic Scoring


Pace of play management

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Electronic Scoring

Our platform is integrated with some of the leading handicap software providers on the market today to allow golf clubs to run competitions during Covid-19. By inputting scores through our digital scorecard, players can skip the steps involved in manual score entry. This is not only a completely safe way for golf clubs to run competitions, but it also vastly reduces administration hours, eliminating the need for competition secretaries to ever have to check/count physical cards again.

Pace of Play Management

The PowerThru Golf app allows you to manage the pace of play on your course. Players just download the app, login and we take care of the rest. GPS services within the app display the players location to any phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.  There are no hardware costs associated with our software, simply plug and play.

Electronic Scoring Package

Main features of electronic scoring package:


Handicap Software Integration

We are integrated with some of the leading handicap/administration software providers in Ireland and the                                         UK.                                                                                              

Supports Main Competition Formats

Digital scoring catering for main tournament formats - Stroke, Stableford, Fourball, Foursomes, V. Par, Maximum Score, Scramble, Rumble.

Multiple Players Per Device

We understand that not all members in your club will have a smartphone. Therefore, our app allows one player to mark scores for all players (up to 4) in a group (including themselves).

Competition Management

Under our annual subscription fee, clubs/societies can run an unlimited amount of competitions for no extra cost.

Digital Signature

Our digital signature feature allows users to type a player's/marker's name and automatically creates a digital signature for them. 

R&A/GUI approved

   Our electronic scoring software has         been approved by the R&A and GUI.                                                                                                

Pace of Play Management Package

Main features of pace of play management package:

Live Location Tracking

Real time course view of all players' locations accessible on any mobile, tablet, laptop or PC


Timer automatically tracks the length of time it is taking players to play each hole

Course Analytics

View slowest/fastest holes, course bottlenecks, and much more



Geofencing allows you to protect sensitive course areas and notifies players if they are behind time, on time or ahead of time.


Detailed reports provide actionable data including each week's fastest/slowest players, average round times, groups responsible for on course hold ups etc.

Plug and Play

There are no hardware costs associated with our software. Players simply download the app, login and we take care of the rest. 

Additional Features

A number of our app's other features include:

Payment Module

Members can pay for competitions, membership and all other club fees within the app. No more chasing down players for overdue fees.


Live scoring

Members can track club and interlcub competitions from anywhere


Push Notifications and forums within the app allow staff and the committee to communicate with members and visitors. 


Player Profiles

Every golfer has their own profile which they can use to compare handicaps, scores, round times, and much more.


"I had been working with PowerThru Golf on other innovative ideas to help improve our services to members and guests in Druids Glen and Druids Heath. When the Covid19 pandemic hit, everything became surreal, post lockdown the Unions issued their protocols and we learned scorecards would be an issue for competitive golf. Knowing our members as I do and knowing how competitive a bunch they are, I was worried competition standards would be affected. PowerThru Golf approached me with an idea to alleviate all concerns and keep our members competing safely. I will be honest; I was dubious to say the least. However, my concerns were short lived, and I have been blown away by how easy to use and how well the system works. Our 1,200+ members across two golf courses would all agree that the system could not be easier to use, and the process could not be better. We are among the only clubs in the country issuing same day results to our members with no competition or handicapping issues. I would highly recommend PowerThru golf to any club and I look forward to learning of future innovations from the dynamic team in PowerThru."

Marcus Doyle
Golf Manager
Druids Glen Golf Resort.

Contact Us

If your club or society would like to learn more about our software, please send us an email at the address below and a member of our team will contact to you.